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How can we help?

What is Enhance?

The first of its kind in Australia or New Zealand, Enhance is a consulting engineering subscription advice service, which provides a medium for having quick queries answered.  

How do I use the Enhance service?

Enhance is designed as your go-to quick question expert on all things which fall outside the common certification. Be it a question about safety measures, open space design and risk, accessibility, playgrounds, CPTED or CT Design, we are used to unusual questions. There are several ways in which we can assist;

1. Answer a quick query

2. Review certificates you have been sent

3. Provide clarification for determining what certification is required 

Is Enhance a technical advice line?

Absolutely. Simply use the query submission form or send us an email!

How fast in the response rate?

Typically we endeavour to reply within 24 Hours, for more urgent queries, please enter "URGENT" in the subject line!

Can I sign up for enhance without attaching it to a project?

Yes, thats the idea. For project review and certification, please contact us as per normal for consulting services. Enhance is designed as a quick-query resource prior to project engagement stages

Does advice garnered from the Enhance service count as legal certification?

Unfortunately not. Certification is undertaken on a consulting basis. The good news is thanks to our experience in over 4500 projects across the region, we are able to ensure your next certification protects your design as much as possible.

I still have a question!

If you have not found the answer you are searching for, please contact the enhance team at enhance@ccep.com.au and we will endeavour to satisfy any queries or requests you or your organisation may have.